At centrally AC infrastructure of IIPS, we aim to develop engaging environment that support the children’s curiosity and sense of wonder, while providing safe ways for them to explore their world and stimulate their minds. Our concept of environment includes:




                     If your child falls sick during school hours, there is a separate room to take care of your child under doctor's supervision.                    


Clean Campus


                     Hygienic campus and clean surroundings that creates an enabling environment to ensure child's health and safety.                    


Activity Room


                     Our Activity Room allows our children to explore different concept through play-way methods and techniques.                    


Dance & Yoga


                     Specially designed music, dance and yoga room where a child can enjoy dance and music & adapt to yogic exercises for a healthy mind, body & soul.                     


Play & Learn


                      Well established toy and book library for students to nurture, adapt, play & learn.